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Weekend projects

Thanks to the extra-long weekend, I was able to get several projects completed, and/or started.

  • Replaced a toilet flush valve
  • Cleaned off my “workbench”
  • Repaired a guitar amp for a neighbor (bad solder joint on the treble pot)
  • Converted an unused PC power supply to a bench supply with +/-12 and +5 volt (pics below)
  • Made a really good pot of turkey and sausage white chili 🙂

Here’s a few pics of my “new” lab bench power supply:


That blue LED (from the same PC as the PSU) is really bright, might need to put a bigger resistor on it

The blue LED indicates AC/mains status, and the red one indicates front panel voltage power, controlled by the small toggle switch

Nice wiring job (by my standards anyway)

Main power switch

Here’s some references I used to do the conversion:
JumperOne’s tutorial (excellent video as well)
More technical description from Murray State

Next on the list: taking my old home-brew 0-18v variable supply and putting it a new case, roughly the same size as the new one, and adding a digital voltage display.
Happy geeking!



I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful that my hardest decision today will be choosing between a Padron 1964 Anniversary and a Fuente Añejo.

Oh and also for

“…peace, love, and good happiness stuff.”
Steve Vai, “Blue Powder”

Happy Thanksgiving!