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Over Christmas vacation, I cobbled together a PCB drill press using my Dremel, some aluminum channel, and other assorted bits and pieces.

I was inspired by this Hack A Day post and took some pictures during the build for a future post.

This weekend, I’m going to drill my first board with it, an Electro-Harmonix Pulsar clone from

I transferred the resist using glossy magazine paper printed on a Brother laser printer, then ran it through the laminator about 10-12 times. The magazine paper method seems to be the only one that works with my printer (go figure), something to do with Brother’s toner.
I’ve tried Press’N’Peel, photo paper, and even parchment paper, all to no avail. They either wouldn’t transfer to the copper, or, with the parchment paper, the toner wouldn’t even stick.

Here’s the result after trimming the board down and cleaning up some traces:


Time to etch and drill!

Update 1: Etched, tinned, and drilled.





    • Mom
    • January 9th, 2013

    But what does it do?

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